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Q1. How to search for healthcare professionals? 
If you are looking for a list health care professional with a particular specialty, please select the specialty and the city of interest from the drop-down menu in the search form. If you do not find the relevant health care professionals select one the categories of health service centres to search.
Q2. Can unregistered users book appointments?
No,  the users/clients have to get themselves registered on the site before they can book appointments.
Q3. How can health care professionals register themselves?
A. by registering. In order to get registered, they have to register themselves or their practices with a short introduction and services they provide. This membership/registration allows them to get the bookings online from their patients. The health professional has to send his or her registration number for their professional body in their respective country(e.g., BMA or GMC in the UK).  Once approved by the site administrator, they are listed and can be viewed by any visiting client. They get 30-day free trial, after that, they have to get paid subscription in order to keep using the listing and booking system.
Q4. How can a health care professional make sure that he or she can be found through the search with filters?
Once a registration is approved, the professional users can login and make sure that all the relevant fields in their profile settings are filled. They need to make sure that in the location field their city name and the geolocation field, their address is selected by clicking it.
Q5. How can health care professional set up their booking schedule?
Log in and hover your cursor over user image. It will drop down a menu with different options from the dashboard. select booking schedules from the list. There are two options for addition. One is adding category and the second one is add services. Add the category and services you are adding. this will appear as options to the visitor/clients when they tried to book and appointment with you and will allow them to make a booking for the service they require.